Does Coca Cola Contain Cinnamon?

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According to Coca-Cola, no there is no cinnamon in any kind of Coke.  Now they’ve changed the recipe quite often, Classic Coke, to new Coke, back to Classic Coke, now there’s Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, whew. There is a distinct cinnamon flavor in the Coke formula pre 1980, it was around then they switched from sugar to corn syrup.  The new Coke Zero has the cinnamon taste in it again, but Coke still doesn’t admit that there is cinnamon in the beverage.  There is however, a mystery ingredient called Merchandise 7X.  What is this mysterious Merchandise 7X?  It could be cinnamon, it could be anything, and it probably is more than one thing, but I wouldn’t bet money that it isn’t cinnamon, at least a little of it.  For all intensive purposes the answer to your question is no, there is no cinnamon in Coke, but that’s just because Coke says there’s no cinnamon, in reality there probably is.  Visit our question on why Coke is bad for you. You won’t find any more information about cinnamon on the coke website, except for an odd recipe for cakes and such, but it’s a pretty cool site anyway.  Coke does many humanitarian things around the world, so I guess it’s ok if they keep the Coke formula secret…for now.

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