When running in the rain, would you get wet faster if the rain were falling diagonally or straight down?


Mythbusters did a segment in which they compared walking in the rain to running in the rain; it turns out that you would get wetter by running in the rain.  They’d probably be interested in doing this experiment as well, but since they haven’t I guess I’ll have to take my best guess at this. […]

Does lightining come from the ground up?


  The short answer is from the ground to the cloud, but it’s a complicated process. When too much negative charge builds up in a cloud, a bundle of charge moves from the cloud toward the ground in the form of a “stepped leader.” As a stepped leader nears the ground, it attracts a surge […]

Where does the sound of thunder come from?


The noise you hear is that of the lightning , breaking the sound barrier! As we all know, light  travels faster than sound, this is why you see the lightning first, then hear the thunder! As lightning is forming , ions, positively and negetively charged align creating a conection within the ”weather cell”. As build […]

How are monsoons formed?


The word moonsoon means seasonal winds/rain or changing winds/rain. Every year the seasonal wind/rain that drench the countryside with water that destroys and heals.This is cause by land-sea temperature differences due to heating by the sun’s radiation that bring torrential rain in summer and sunny dry weather in the winter.The moonsoon influence the climates of […]

How do weather forecasters predict the weather?


Weather prediction is based on various pieces of technology and what we know about physics and trends.  We don’t know nearly as much as we could know which is why the weatherman is often wrong.  All we can do is see what’s happening now and assume it will continue along that path, we can also […]

Which type of precipitation would create the most dangerous situation at an airport?


A pilot would probably tell you that the most dangerous weather is unexpected weather.  If there are bad weather conditions but the pilots are aware of them then they can either use safety guidelines to land the plane, or they can avoid the weather all together.  If a pilot is landing on an icy strip […]

Is the weather in France the same as the weather in Canada all year long?


The weather in France is actually very varied, depending on where it is.  Northern France is very much like England, wet and cool, but not cold like it gets in Canadian winters.  The reason Britain has the warmer winters (as well as northern France) is due to the Atlantic Gulf Steam.  This Gulf Stream brings […]

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