When did Ford release the 1st Mustang?


Ford released the Mustang for sale to the public on April, 17 1964. The 1st and 2nd generation Mustangs are known to classic car restorers as “throw way cars” because of well known rusting issues associated with these vehicles.  In the early years of the mustang, the vehicles left the factory with lots of unpainted […]

Do people in Brazil use engagement rings?


In Brazil both men and women were engagement rings. They wear them on their right hands and after they are wed they move them to their left hands. The rings are made of gold and are used as the wedding bands after the wedding so no diamond ring is typically used. You might be interested […]

Who was the first official person to cross the Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge?


The Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge in North Carolina has been treaded upon since September 2nd 1952. To many people’s disappointment the Mile High Bridge is only eighty feet off the ground! The Swinging Bridge is also tied down to prevent the bridge from blowing away in the 190 mph gusts of wind that […]

Where are some good areas to scuba dive in Costa Rico?


You can’t go wrong scuba diving in the Caribbean, the real question should be where shouldn’t I scuba dive, that one would be harder to answer anyway.  Costa Rica is not the best place to go scuba diving but like I said you can’t really go wrong scuba diving anywhere in the Caribbean. There are […]

Are there any zoos or water parks in the Bahamas and Jamaica?


Yes there are.  The Bahamas are home to the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo, which is in the town of Nassau.  Here’s a link to the official web page for Ardastra. http://www.ardastra.com/ There is also a water park in the Bahamas, but it is in the Atlantis resort.  Here’s a link to the Atlantis resort main […]

Why is the snow in Utah so good?


Utah is known for its great ski conditions.  The snow is often ‘powder’ snow and this is optimal for skiers and snowboarders.  Powder snow is dry and doesn’t stick together; as a result it won’t stick to skies and snowboards either.  This provides a higher top speed, and quite often a softer landing on wipeouts. […]

Why do plane ticket prices vary airline to airline when they are going to the same destination?


Different airlines are competing with each other.  They all work in the same market so as with most markets, they range from economy to expensive.  If you pay more you’ll get a larger plane, which means more legroom, better meals, movies and maybe even a better pilot. There are many other factors that will change […]

How tall is the Empire State building?


The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world for 41 years.  It was built in 1931.  It stands at 1,472 feet, or 448 meters. The most interesting thing about the Empire State Building, to me any way, is the guy who climbed it.  Alain Robert climbed it with no equipment at all […]

What is the importance of promoting ‘batik’ to international tourists?


Batik is a method used in dying materials, usually in an artistic manner.  The process involves wax and dye.  Essentially the process is quite simple, although in practice it can be a very difficult task.  Wax is brushed onto a fabric, clothes or canvas, and then the fabric is dyed.  The wax will protect the […]

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