Why do home teams wear white and visitors wear dark uniforms?


Home teams do not always wear white, in both hockey and football the home team wears dark uniforms primarily, although in hockey the home team has only worn their dark uniforms for a short time. The distinction began in 1952 when the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) began televising hockey games.  The CBC found that when […]

Where does the term “Grid Iron” come from and what does it mean?


A gridiron is a football field. When the forward pass was legalized in 1906, the quarterback was required to be 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage and could move no more than 5 yards laterally in either direction before the pass was thrown. To facilitate this and help the officials watch for infractions, lines […]

How can I optimally prepare for the golf season? What Golf fitness exercises should I do?


Many of you are anxious to dust off the golf clubs and get out to the golf course for your first round of golf. A question that may be on your mind is how do I get ready? How do I knock off 6 months of rust on my golf swing, feel comfortable with my […]

Who was the backup goalie in the game in which Sittler of the Toronto Maple Leafs scored 10 points against the Boston Bruins?


Gilles Gilbert, the Bruins’ number one netminder, was injured. The Bruins had re-acquired all-star goalie Gerry Cheevers, and February 7, 1976 was his first game in a Bruins’ sweater since the team won the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1972. But Boston coach Don Cherry realized Cheevers was rusty, and went with little-used Dave […]

How did the Final Four basketball tournament begin?


In 1938, the first big national post-season tournament made its debut in Madison Square Garden as the National Invitation Tournament was started by the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association in New York. Six teams competed, with Bradley meeting Temple and LIU playing NYU in first round games. Oklahoma A&M and Colorado were given byes. Temple, which […]

How does ice-skating work?


The weight of the body acting on the small area of the skate in contact with ice exerts a pressure sufficient to melt the ice. The water formed lubricates the skate and causes a low coefficient of friction. As the skate moves forward, the pressure is reduced and the water refreezes. Leaning on one side will […]

How did the game chess get its name?


The game of chess seems to have gotten its name from a mispronunciation.   While the origins of chess are a little cloudy, the name of the game was chaturanga in ancient India, and chatrang in Persia.  The Persians called the King the shāh, which the Europeans began calling the game.  The theory is that merchants coming to Europe bought ornamental king pieces […]

What happened to Sonny Liston, the boxer?


Charles ‘Sonny’ Liston was a boxer who was once the Heavyweight Champion of the World.  Considered the Mike Tyson of his era, Sonny Liston was nicknamed ‘The Big Bear’.   By the end of his career Liston had fought in 54 bouts and held a record of 5o wins and 4 losses, including 39 knockouts.  He […]

How many Super Bowls did Roger Staubach win?


Roger “Captain Comeback” Staubach was a professional football player from 1969 to 1979.  He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys as a quarterback.  Staubach was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985.  He was MVP in 1971 after passing for 1882 yards and 15 touchdowns, but in 1979 he threw for 3,586 yards and […]

What hockey player was nicknamed ‘The Captain’?

young Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings was famously given the nickname of ‘The Captain”. This name seems fitting as he is the longest serving captain of any professional sports team in history. He served 19 seasons, and 20 years (including the Year of the NHL lockout) as captain of the Detroit Red Wings. His jersey was […]

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