8 unusual lakes that will blow your mind


Unique, fascinating, bizarre, mortal or surreal are some of the words that could describe the following eight lakes. You’ve probably heard that Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest, deepest and largest lake by volume. The Dead Sea is the lowest lake &place on Earth and Africa’s Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake. Getting bored of […]

10 Myths About Your Body


I Never Thought of That…


6 Fascinating Appearances of the Fibonacci Numbers in Nature


10 Facts About Dreams


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10 Insects and Annelids That Do More Good Than Harm.


10 of Nature’s Worst Bites

10 of Natures Worst Bites-featured

10 Inadvertent Inventions


Think this list is interesting?  Have a look at I Never Thought of That…

10 Food Myths


10 Food Myths by Askipedia.com 1. Granola Bars Are Good For Me. Think again!  Most of the tasty granola bars you find at the supermarket come in fancy boxes, with lots of green, pictures of oats, and pictures of healthy looking people in their designer gym duds.  These ‘healthy’ snack bars taste great, so does a […]

Do Shemales Actually Exist?


Here is a good link from Amazon: Shemale Surprise Shemales do indeed exist.  They are typically men who have had breast implants or hormone therapy in the hopes of have breast grow naturally.  A more proper term for these people is transwomen, or transgender. There are a great deal of misconceptions with transwomen.  Many feel […]

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