Why is first place in a number of things given a blue ribbon, why not gold?

blue ribbon

A blue ribbon is awarded for first prize in events that typically do not reward human physical competition.  Things such as a dog show, a giant pumpkin contest, things of that nature. The history behind the blue ribbon stems from 1348.  England’s King Edward III was very fond of the color blue and he created […]

Why does a husband carry his new bride over the threshold?


The custom of a groom carrying his bride over the threshold is a custom that dates back to about 200 AD.  The Germanic Goths of the time would primarily marry those in their own communities, but if there were not enough women to go around, the men would raid their neighbors.  Since these women were […]

What is exteriorization?


Exteriorization in general is defined as the externalization of an abstract form (ie spirit, essence) into an outward form.  Relating to Scientology, Exteriorization is attained when a person realizes his “Self” as an immortal spiritual being and that the “Self” is not his body. More information can be found on these sites: http://www.scientology.org/en_US/feature/glossary/index.html http://www.religioustolerance.org/scientol1.htm Exteriorization […]

Who are the Freemason’s and when and where did they begin?


The Freemason’s are a secret society, less secret than they once were.  Today they are the ground floor of many conspiracy theories.  There certainly are some secrets within the Freemasonry, but what exactly they are could be anything from nothing important to secrets that could bring the downfall of humanity, or so rumoured.  Most information […]

What is a Wendigo?


The Wendigo is a creature of Native American folklore, specifically the Algonquin speaking tribes of North America.  Algernon Blackwood popularized the creature in his book The Wendigo.  The original legend dates back to the 17th century.  Natives believed that the creature was a giant (rumored to be over fifteen feet tall) with a heart of […]

What is Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is celebrated in two countries, Canada and the United States.  While both celebrate Thanksgiving for similar reasons, the two countries use different dates for the occasion.  In Canada, Thanksgiving occurs on the second Monday in October, and in the US it occurs on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving dinner is the most common […]

What is Halloween?


Halloween occurs on October 31st of every year.  It is celebrated mostly by children, who dress up in costumes of all sorts and walk door to door ‘trick or treating’.  Those who care to participate can answer their door and give a piece of candy to each child that knocks.  If they fail to give […]

What will happen in 2012?


For some reason the Mayans used a calendar system with a limited number of days.  We use a system which allows for any number of places, 1, 10, 100, 100000000000000000, etc… . The Mayans had only five places, the first could be any number between 1-20, the second place between 1-17, the third between 1-19, […]

People say one person can make a difference but how can that be true?


If one person decided to do something that no one else agreed with they would not be able to make a difference, and rightfully so.  Would you want every single person to be able to change the world at the drop of a hat?  It takes many people united together to make any kind of […]

Are Vampires Real?


The vampires that drink your blood and are immortal are not real.  There are a bunch of crazy people who want to be vampires, dress up like them and pretend to be them, those people unfortunatly do exist. http://www.sanguinarius.org/ I won’t linger on this one.

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