Are there any ghost stories associated with 149 College St (the Stewart Building) in Toronto, Canada?


The Stewart building in Toronto Canada has had many tenants, from the police to the Ontario College of Art and Design.  While ghost stories can be difficult to verify, there have been alleged incidents at 149 College St (the Stewart building) which some attribute to ghosts. One such story involves a group of students who […]

8 unusual lakes that will blow your mind


Unique, fascinating, bizarre, mortal or surreal are some of the words that could describe the following eight lakes. You’ve probably heard that Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest, deepest and largest lake by volume. The Dead Sea is the lowest lake &place on Earth and Africa’s Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake. Getting bored of […]

What happend on Three Mile Island?


Three Mile Island was the location of a nuclear power plant that had a meltdown in 1979.  While no people died from the meltdown at the time it could not have been good for them.  A government report concluded that the projected number of fatalities due to cancer was one, that figure seems a little […]

What did wealthy and poor houses of ancient Phoenicia look like?


The ancient Phoenician society dates back to about 1500 BC.  It existed where Lebanon and Syria exist today.  While the Phoenician people may have existed for more than 3500 years, they thrived in and around the Mediterranean being a maritime trading culture. In 538BC the Phoenicia’s accepted rule by the Persians after being conquered by […]

What sentiment or feeling was used to rally Germans to the cause of National Unification?


I’m afraid my answer may not be as clean cut as you’re looking for. The states of Germany during the later half of the 19th century were not all in agreement in unifying. Some states such as Austria were outright excluded, while other such as Prussia, under the guidance of Otto von Bismarck were out […]

I have asked this question several times, but here it goes again. I am looking for any factual information on Dr. Thomas Burton, Fort Kent Alberta and prior to him in 1756, the commune, its occupants and William Blake.


While I don’t remember this particular question being asked, I do remember a question about the Wendigo. Apparently William Blake was the leader of a commune of some kind around 1756.  A local farmer was killed by what seemed to be a bear and the folks of Fort Kent Alberta blamed the members of the commune.  […]

Who was the first official person to cross the Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge?


The Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge in North Carolina has been treaded upon since September 2nd 1952. To many people’s disappointment the Mile High Bridge is only eighty feet off the ground! The Swinging Bridge is also tied down to prevent the bridge from blowing away in the 190 mph gusts of wind that […]

What does the white stripe stand for in the Honduras flag?


The Honduras flag consits of three even horizontal stripes, two blue stripes on the outside and a white stripe down the middle.  Located in the white stripe is five small blue stars.  The blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The five stars represent the five nations of the United States of Central America […]

Where did Doctor’s Cave, Jamaica get it’s name?


Doctor’s Cave was named after Dr. Alexander James McCatty who donated his beach property to found a bathing club in Montego Bay in 1906.  The club picked the name Doctors’ Cave because Dr. McCatty and his other doctor friends used to enter the beach through a cave.  The cave was destroyed by a hurricane in […]

Who made the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?


On November 7, 1940, the first Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge collapsed due to wind-induced vibrations.  Located near Tacoma, Washington near Puget Sound the bridge was designed by Clark Eldridge and altered by Leon Moissiff.  The bridge collapsed after being open for only a few months.   During the brief time it was open to the public […]

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