What does SOS stand for?


SOS is Morse Code for an emergency signal.  While you may see movies in which a person write the letters S O S on a beach in shells, it was originally a Morse Code signal for help needed.  Since many people don’t realize that SOS is Morse Code, they think it stands for something, ‘save […]

How long is a furlong?

2011 Breeders' Cup World Championships - Day 2

A furlong is an ancient British unit of measurement.  Most commonly referred to today in joking about a person’s age.  A furrow is a trench that’s been made by pulling a plow.  The term furlong is how long a horse can pull a plow without stopping.  The unit was calculated to be 220 yards; I […]

Why is first place in a number of things given a blue ribbon, why not gold?

blue ribbon

A blue ribbon is awarded for first prize in events that typically do not reward human physical competition.  Things such as a dog show, a giant pumpkin contest, things of that nature. The history behind the blue ribbon stems from 1348.  England’s King Edward III was very fond of the color blue and he created […]

Why does a husband carry his new bride over the threshold?


The custom of a groom carrying his bride over the threshold is a custom that dates back to about 200 AD.  The Germanic Goths of the time would primarily marry those in their own communities, but if there were not enough women to go around, the men would raid their neighbors.  Since these women were […]

I love to have sex with women but not be in a relationship with them and I’m gay is that bad?


That’s understandable. Women are soft, senuous and beautiful. Nothing wrong with being bisexual. I have friends who are bisexual. What if you end up wanting to marry a gay man, and you are in a committed relationship. I dont know. Will he appreciate the fact that you like to have sex with women. You may […]

What does VIN stand for?


Vehicle Identification Number, this seqence of numbers and letters is imprinted on many body parts from the original manf. They use this to determine and signify how the car will look once production is complete. The VIN also helps law enforcement determine where the car came from. Websites such as vehix and carfax also use […]

What is ascorbic acid and what does an overdose do to your body?


Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, check this answer to find out about overdosing on it. Vitamins cause chemical reactions in the body, the components of them attach themselves to specific pieces of a cell depending on the way it’s put together.  An ascorbic acid molecule will add a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom to two amino […]

Is the name Mathew Morales a stupid name?


No, not at all. No name is stupid. Names comes in all shapes and sizes. The world would be a much less interesting place is everyone were named Jane and John Smith.

Is it correct to answer a question with a question?


Sure answering a question with a question can be beneficial to the asker, the second asker that is, but is it the correct thing to do?  That depends on what you mean by correct.  The best move a politician can make in a debate may very well be to answer a question with a question.  […]

When did ‘history’ start?


The definition of history as defined by Oxford is: noun (pl. histories) 1 the study of past events. 2 the past considered as a whole. 3 the past events connected with someone or something. 4 a continuous record of past events or trends. There is no specification that history is restricted to humans, or the […]

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