Why is justice supposed to be blind?


Justice is supposed to be blind because it is not supposed to have any personal bias.  When a judge looks at a small-framed woman who supposedly committed murder he must not feel sympathy for her due to her size.  Her lawyer may use her small frame as an argument if the victim was strangled or […]

If I co-signed a loan for a vehicle and the borrower doesn’t make the payments and I do , do I have any recourse to get the vehicle?


It depends on the Country and Region that you live in, and how the vehicle ownership was arranged, if you jointly own the vehicle, or if you were simply a guarantor of the loan.  If you are both listed as an owner of the vehicle, you may be able to legally take possession of it.  […]

What crimes qualify as grand theft?


Grand theft is defined by a dollar amount that differs from place to place.  The average amount in the United States that creates the border between petty and grand theft is four hundred dollars, however in some places it is upwards of a thousand dollars. Petty theft is usually just a ticket and a phone […]

Can U.S. law enforcement come to Canada and arrest someone who was born and resides in Canada on a U.S. felony warrant?


I encourage you to speak to a lawyer. My understanding is that the United States would have to have the Canadian citizen (presumably the person is a citizen if born and residing in Canada) extradited to the United States in order to execute the warrant, which would likely be done at the border following the […]

I want to leave my boyfriend but we have a child, who has more custody the mother or the father?


Custody is granted by the court system.  Right now you are both responsible for the well being of the child.  Should you decide to break it off with your boyfriend you must accept that you are both equal parents with equal responsibility.  You cannot prevent your boyfriend from seeing his child, nor can he prevent […]

Can you print pictures off the internet for personal use?


Any picture that exists on the internet is yours to use for personal reasons.  The only situation that you cannot use a picture for personal use is if the picture was intended to be sold and you stole it, music and movies are currently having that problem.  Many pictures can be used for profitable uses […]

In Texas if a widower dies without a will, does the widowers child or grandchild get his estate?


Texas law states that if a person dies without having a will all of their property will go to the spouse.  Since in this case the spouse is already dead, all of the estate will go to the children. There are may be more details that you have not provided me and not only am I […]

Why are an inmates hands taped up prior to recieving lethal injection?


An inmate on death row’s hands are not just tied up, they’re tied up palm to palm.  As disturbing a thought as it is, this is to prevent the inmates from clenching their fists to slow the blood flow.  They are also tied down so they can’t bend their arms at all, which would also […]

In the Canadian Government, what is a vote of non-confidence?


In Canada, a vote of non-confidence is a vote to decide if the majority of members in the House of Commons still have confidence in the Canadian government’s ability to lead the nation.  When an election is held in Canada the people of each riding vote for their MP (Member of Parliament).  The party with the […]

How does the European Union effect the legal structure of the United Kingdom?


Good question, ever since the European Community (now the European Union) formed in 1957 more and more countries have been joining.  The UK joined the Union in 1973, although the effects of the Union on UK law are really no different than the effects on any of the other members. The European Union is divided into the […]

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