How many yards of dirt will I need to fill my yard with beds. The yard is 50 by 30 and beds will be 3 ft wide and 6 inches deep?


That is a lot of yards to fill your yard.  We are missing  some critical information to determine the number you are looking for.  How long should each bed be, and how far apart would you like them? We can still determine our best guess, with the information you provided.  First we will start with the backyard […]

Where is the best place to install a smoke detector?


Smoke detectors are inexpensive to install and maintain and they could save your life of the life of someone you care for in the event of a fire.  Ideally, you should install a smoke detector in each sleeping room, if that is not possible, you should atleast position 1 in the hall or just outside the […]

How do I prevent an echo in my home?


Perhaps buy a smaller house. An echo is a reflection of sound.  Sounds travels in waves, and just like light it can literally bounce of surfaces.  Some surfaces of course reflect more sounds than others.  That is because some surfaces absorb more of the sound than others.  An area rug, or wall to wall carpeting, […]

How do I get melted candle wax up off the carpet?


Your best bet is to find an old towel that you figure you can do without, as to get the wax from the carpet, you will ironically have to put the stain on something else. Dampen the towel, and lay it over the wax.  Use a hot iron at a setting appropriate for the material […]

What plant smells strongly of maple syrup?


There are a couple answers to this question, the most obviously of which is a maple tree.  Maple trees are the source of maple syrup and while the smells will not be exactly the same there must be some commonalities.   Of course maple syrup goes through quite a process to actually become maple syrup.  After […]

What temperature is best for paint?


There are two main types of paints, latex and oil.  Aside form the paint temperature, the air temperature, the surface (or substrate) temperature, and even the air’s moisture levels should be considered.  Each one has different properties so I’ll look at them separately. Oil or alkyd paint, should not be used below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  […]

Where Do Peanuts Come From?


Peanuts are not actually nuts. They are legumes. The plant produces flowers above ground like most other flowering plants. However, after blooming and being pollinated the flower then turns downward and burrows into the ground where the seed pod and seeds develop. Peanuts do not grow within a tuber. Tubers are swollen roots. Potatoes are […]

How Do I Bleach Leather?


There are a couple of chemicals you can use to bleach leather, oxalic acid will work but there are leather bleachers you can purchase that will probably to a better job.  There will at least less risk to the leather and to you.  Remember that no matter which chemical you decide to use you should […]

How Many Yards of Dirt Will Fit in a Full Size Pickup Truck?


Measurement Information 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet. To figure how many yards you need measure the length and width of the area you intend to cover in feet.  Then determine how deep you want the dirt in feet (i.e. 3inches = .25 feet).  The following formula will determine the amount of dirt you […]

I have a bunch of fruit flies in my house, and NO fruit. How do I get rid of them?


An interesting question, the fruit flies are there, but there is no fruit, hmmmm.   Actually the name of these tiny pests is a bit misleading.  Yes they do love fruits and vegetables, but they will breed in other places.  All they need is some moist organic material, you can find that all over your house. […]

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