Who is Wild Bill Hickok?


James Hickok, born in 1837, was a skilled shooter even as a child.  He left home and travelled west in 1855 working as a farmhand, hired gun, even a stagecoach driver.  During the civil war James ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok worked as a Union spy in Missouri.  In keeping with his fight for what was right […]

What does SOS stand for?


SOS is Morse Code for an emergency signal.  While you may see movies in which a person write the letters S O S on a beach in shells, it was originally a Morse Code signal for help needed.  Since many people don’t realize that SOS is Morse Code, they think it stands for something, ‘save […]

What is the Tecumseh Curse?


The Tecumseh curse is a curse that Shawnee Chief Tecumseh placed on the American presidency during the War of 1812.  Chief Tecumseh died while fighting for the Canadians against the Americans.  The curse stated that every American president elected in a year that ended in a zero would die during his presidency.  Since Tecumseh made […]

What were the symptoms of the plague of Amwas?


The Plague of Amwas lasted from 638 to 640 AD, in Syria, Egypt and Iraq.  The plague was most severe in Amwas, Syria, so it became known as the Plague of Amwas.  It is supposed to have caused the death of over 20,000 people. The plague’s symptoms are not on record.  It could be that […]

What happend on Three Mile Island?


Three Mile Island was the location of a nuclear power plant that had a meltdown in 1979.  While no people died from the meltdown at the time it could not have been good for them.  A government report concluded that the projected number of fatalities due to cancer was one, that figure seems a little […]

What is the history of chocolate?


2,000 years ago one of the most important discoveries ever was made, the discovery of the Cacao tree in the tropical rainforests the Americas.  It was discovered that the pods of this tree has seeds which could be processed into chocolate. The Mayan’s and Aztecs ground up the seeds and mixed them with other spices […]

What is the origin of the Knights Templar, and how are they connected with the Freemasons?


The Knights Templar were created by a French nobleman, Hughes de Paynes in 1119.  Hughes de Payens gathered nine of his knighted relatives and began the Order of the Knights Templar.  Their mission was to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.  They set their base of operations near the Temple Mount, which is now known […]

Is it true that the Japan’s Secret War Code caused their downfall?


A fatal flaw in the secret war code of the Japanese navy brought it down during the Pacific War, revealed Dr Peter Donovan, an Australian Mathematician. Dr. Donovan is the first to identify the truth about Japan’s operational code JN-25 since archives became available in 1975. Dr. Donovan discovered that operational code JN-25 used groups […]

Who was the first president of the United Stated, George Washington or John Hanson?

washington vs hanson

George Washington was the first President of the United States.  The position simply did not exist prior to him to be filled by another. John Hanson was the President of the Continental Congress, a position that would compare to the role of Speaker of the House today.  John Hanson was not elected by the people, […]

Why is there a need for a calendar?


It takes 365 and one quarter days to travel all the way around the sun.  The quarter is added up and every four years they give us an extra day, so that year there are 366 days in the year, they are called Leap Years, 2008 is the next one.   It also days 24 hours […]

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