If my doctor’s office does not call me with a test result-should I assume that it was ok?


One should never assume that test results are normal if they do not hear from their Doctor.  As a patient you need to be responsible for your own health care.  If you have had something done such as mammogram or bloodwork (anything at all) and you do not hear from your health care provider within […]

When do humans stop growing?

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There is no exact science as to when humans stop growing. The age ranges you mentioned are the general concensus. Sorry that there is nothing more definite. Ultimately, we stop growing because we are genetically programmed to do so. It is our genes, made of DNA, that determine how we grow and develop. We inherit […]

If someone is blind from birth, can they still see images in their dreams?


Visual stimulus is necessary for the wiring of the brain centers that process and interpret vision. The way the brain works is to develop, early in life, a huge number of neural synapses (connection points between neurons that are used in cell-to-cell signalling). As you grow and learn, these synapses are pared away to make […]

Should we be wary of fragrance in products we use?


Today most fragrances are not made from natural substances.  They are infact made up from synthetic chemicals.  There can be up to as many as 100 chemicals in a single fragrance.  In 1989, the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health evaluated 2,983 fragrance chemicals for health effects.  At that time they identified 884 of those […]

I recently heard that nail polish contains harmful toxins, Is that true?


Yes that is true.  Many of today’s conventional nail polishes contain an array of cryptic ingredients including a variety of  harmful toxins.  One of the most toxic ingredients in nail polish is called phthalate.  Phthalate, such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP) has been proven by research studies to interfer with normal hormone balance and can cause other health problems […]

Why does your eye twitch?


Most eye twitching is harmless, although it can be quite annoying.  The twitch is the involuntary spasms of tiny muscles around the eye, and it is usually brought on after staring at a computer screen for a long time, although just being tired will do it too.  Other less common causes include too much caffeine […]

My regular period lasts for 5 days, this month it only lasted 2 days can that mean I am pregnant?


While you can have your period while being pregnant, the fact that you’re having a shorter period is not necessarily an indication that you are pregnant.  You should certainly have a pregnancy test to find out for sure, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet as there are many other reasons your period may be […]

Why do I spit foam from my mouth?


Your first concern may be that you’re sick, that you have rabies, that’s almost definitely not the case.  We were always taught in school to stay away from animals that are foaming at the mouth, they might have rabies.  I used to think that foaming at the mouth was a symptom of rabies, it turns […]

How is sunlight both harmful and beneficial?


Sunlight provides virtually all the energy in our world. Without it, plants wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t have food or daylight. We wouldn’t even have fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum because those were formed from vegetation that itself derived energy from the sun. However, sunlight also contains ultraviolet light, which can damage chemicals […]

Is vinegar good for heartburn?


Heartburn can be caused by a number of things.  Most commonly heartburn is caused by over activity in the stomach, specifically too much acid. Another common cause of heartburn is Acid Reflux.  While too much acid is a result of poor eating habits, such as an excess of acidic food, over eating, or just eating […]

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