Why do we need employment equity?


From the Employment Equity Act of 1995, Canada. The purpose of this Act is to achieve equality in the workplace so that no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability and, in the fulfilment of that goal, to correct the conditions of disadvantage in employment experienced by women, aboriginal […]

What is the difference between Prime Minister and Premier?


A Prime Minister and a Premier are different political leader roles.  In Canada the Prime Minister is the leader of the country, to top dog, other than the Governor General, who is really just a figurehead these days.  A Premier in Canada is the leader of a province. There are three levels of government in […]

Can you change your social security number? Has anyone before me had my social securiy number.


You cannot legally change your social security number and no one has ever had your social security number before you, nor will anyone else in the future. A social security number, or a national insurance number in the UK, was originally intended to be used in, you guessed it, a social security program.  The number […]

What is a social need?


A social need is a need that is required by society. The term most often refers to the need for the well being of the people in any given society. The most pressing social needs are things such as: poverty reduction, the needs of the old and the very young, services for disabled peoples, either […]

What are minority rights?


The term minority rights can be defined in one of two ways: one they are normal individual rights as applied to members of racial, ethnic, religious or other minority groups, and two they are collective rights accorded to minority groups. Civil right activists fight to ensure that individuals get the same rights as the majority […]

What’s a ‘spin doctor’?


A ‘spin doctor’ is a term commonly used in reference to politicians.  The New York Times first used the term in during Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign.  The idea behind the term stems from baseball, at least the spin part of the term derives from baseball.  Pitchers put spin on the ball, different spins make the […]

Are there travel restrictions on a US permanent resident status?


While there may be travel restrictions on the country that you are traveling to, there are no United States imposed restrictions on international traveling for those who have permanent resident status (a green card).  To travel internationally the permanent resident of the United States must have a passport from their original country of origin, and […]

What is involved in getting dual citizenship for the US and Mexico?


In order to become a citizen of Mexico, or to have dual-citizenship stats, you must have had a parent born in Mexico.  If you are American and your parents are not Mexican you can still move and work in Mexico, but you’ll need a work visa.  The rules between the two countries are not going […]

Why does the federal bureaucracy expand?


There are many answers to this question.  Bureaucracies are always expanding, when was the last time you heard about significant layoffs in the government?  Not all of the reasons for expansion are good reasons, but they’re not all bad either. Sure corruption is a growing concern in almost every country in today’s world.  Adding significant staff to […]

What is a bureaucracy’s role in policy making?


A bureaucracy is an unelected branch in a democratic political system.  Its main function is to ensure the decision made by the government is implemented.  Quite often a bureaucracy consists of many individuals whom each have a particular job to accomplish.  Since there are so many people working on any given project things can become […]

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