Does the Earth currently weigh more than it did when it was first formed?


This is one of those questions that really doesn’t have a correct answer.  The Earth really doesn’t have a weight at all.  Weight is the measurement of the gravitational pull of one object on another.  Most objects are too small to consider, like you and me, or the keyboard I’m typing on, but the Earth […]

Why does air cool as it rises through the atmosphere?


The first thing we must realize is that temperature and heat are two different things, they’re closely related but one can be affected while the other is not.  We all know that warm air rises, if it didn’t the people in hot air balloons would be in trouble.  This warm air will cool as it […]

Why do the earth’s oceans appear blue from the moon?


The earth’s oceans and sky both appear blue to everyone who observes them. They do this because water absorbs blue light less strongly than it absorbs other colors. When ocean water is exposed to sunlight (white light), it absorbs most of the red light quickly and a good fraction of the green light. But the […]

How is sunlight both harmful and beneficial?


Sunlight provides virtually all the energy in our world. Without it, plants wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t have food or daylight. We wouldn’t even have fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum because those were formed from vegetation that itself derived energy from the sun. However, sunlight also contains ultraviolet light, which can damage chemicals […]

Why are there 365 days in a year?


“Full moons happen about every 29.53059 days.” Jim Moskowitz “The length of the tropical year is 365.24219 days.” Tom Cull “Originally, the Roman calendar had 12 months of 29 or 30 days” Dan Berger “The number of days in the months has originated through a long and tortuous history of the calendar.” John Link In […]

How long does it take plastic to degrade?


Plastic does not degrade easily, often not at all.  Throwing a piece of plastic into the garbage probably means it will be around long after you and your grandkids are long gone.  Of course companies are working on biodegradable plastics, but even these plastics must be put into a compose heap of sorts to biodegrade.   […]

Did a comet kill the dinosaurs?

dinosaur extinction comet

The most common belief scientists have for the dinosaur’s extinction is that a large comet collided with our planet long ago. Due to this collision, big clouds of dust were formed in the air. This cloud of dust shielded the sun for many years and cooled down the earth’s temperature. Dinosaurs were unable to adjust […]

How many days would it take the earth to travel around the sun if it traveled at the speed that the moon revolves around the earth?


It takes twenty-eight days for the moon to travel around the earth.  To calculate the speed the moon travels we must figure out what distance the moon travels in those 28 days, or the circumference of the circle the moon travels.  The formula to calculate the circumference of a circle is Pi(d) (the moon does […]

Some time ago the first day of spring changed from the 20th to the 21st, when, why, and who decided this?


The first day of spring actually shifts between the 20th and the 21st of March.  The reason for this is that we’re able to pin point the minute spring.  It’s a bit tough to explain so bear with me.  We all know of the equator, the line that marks middle of our planet, and but […]

How much does a cloud weigh?


A tough question to answer since clouds come in many different shapes and sizes.  On some days I look up at the sky and see nothing but cloud in every direction, I’m scared to think how much those clouds weigh, so I’ll just talk about the nice fluffy clouds we see on nice summer days, […]

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