How can I make money on Ebay?


The auction website eBay is an ideal outlet for those who are looking to buy just about anything, and for those who are looking to sell just about anything. Selling items on eBay is a great way to earn extra money, unload some old things from around your house, or to start a home-based business […]

What exactly does defragmenting do to your computer?


Imagine that you moved into a new empty apartment. You buy stuff for the apartment, furniture, utensils, food, etc. But everytime you buy something, you move it all in the living room until the living room is full. Then you move new stuff into the kitchen, and when full, move new stuff into the bedroom. […]

How do I write a macro?


A macro is a recorded action that you set and then duplicate whenever you want.   Excel is the most common place to create a macro.  Lets say you want to make one hundred columns all sum up (so that you would have one hundred totals).  You don’t want to set each column individually, that would […]

Why were people scared of Y2K?


Y2K stands for Year 2000, the K being a short term for one thousand, 2K is then two thousand. The concern came from the clocks in many electrical devices, mainly computers. Your toaster was not in danger at any time, contrary to what Homer Simpson may have told you. Internal clocks were not originally programmed […]

What was the first compuer to be made?


To answer this question we go back to World War II.  Colossus was designed and built to break cryptographic messages created by the German Lorenz cipher machine.   There were ten Colossus’s made for this important task.  Today it would be quite impossible to find one of them.  After the war Churchill ordered the destruction of […]

Is it necessary to always put the www before any internet inquiry?


Sometimes you need the ‘www’, other times you do not, it is determined by the specific internet server configuration.  There is also a possibility that the absence of ‘www’ will take you to an entirely different page, although root forwarding is not a common practice. The www in an internet address stands for World Wide […]

Should I Bother Doing Those Microsoft Updates?


A tough call on this one.  Back in the day there were no updates, at least not very many, but then again back then there weren’t as many hacker and generally unpleasant people wandering around the web.  The chances of you being hacked by someone are not good, the chances of a Microsoft update screwing […]

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