How big was the Saber Toothed Tiger?


The Smilodon, more commonly known as the Saber Toothed Tiger, have been found in Europe and in North America, many fossils have been found in the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.   Some would have grown marginally bigger but the fossils of the Saber Toothed Tiger that have been found all indicate that the […]

Why are camels used to travel through the desert?


Contrary to popular belief camels do not store water in their humps, although they do something close. They store fatty tissue in their humps, and this can be used as a source of energy, as well as a source of water. The fat in their humps reacts with oxygen to produce water, about 1111g of […]

Did female Mammoths have tusks or were they like current elephants where only the males do?

Woolly Mammoth Replica in Museum Exhibit

Mammoths lived on earth during the Pleistocene epoch, which is part of the geologic timescale that lasted from 1.81 million years ago to 11,550 years ago. With Elephants, tusks although commonly associated to males, can be found on both male and females.  Asian Elephant females could have small tusks, or perhaps no tusks at all, however […]

Why do cats purr?

Kitten meowing   Original Filename: cat.jpg

Purring is a form of feline communication that usually signifies contentment.  Generally, a purring cat is a happy cat.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes a cat may purr when it is feeling anxious or even in pain.  Maybe the purring acts as some kind of comforter in these circumstances. Purring first occurs […]

Do insects sleep?

sleeping bug

Although insects do not seem to sleep in the same way as humans do, they do have periods of quiet, where they appear to be taking a break or at the very least, relaxing. The insect does not relax to such a point that it loses consciousness as it needs to keep somewhat alert in […]

I read on your website why chocolate is bad for dogs, why are grapes bad for doggies?


Veterinary toxicologists at the Animal Poison Control Center are currently investigating cases where dogs have developed kidney failure after ingestion of large quantities of grapes and raisins. The veterinary toxicologists are attempting to determine the causative agents or disease processes. Pet owners whose dogs have ingested large quantities of grapes or raisins, or veterinarians managing […]

I have termites in my apartment, but the structure is concrete. Will they harm me?

Soldier termite

Pests are more and more becoming a problem to peoples everyday lives, we used to know when to expect them and take action, but now due to globalwarming they are starting to strike at any place in time. Whether its tiny ants or an infestation of cockroaches pest control is the safest and most effective method of […]

How long does a spider live?


The life span of a spider varies dramatically and depends on the actual species of spider involved. Some spiders only manage to survive for a season, whilst others live for up to twenty years. The average life span of a spider though, seems to be around one or two years. Spiders tend to live longer […]

Why do dogs howl?


Many people believe that dogs howl due to sound hurting their ears.  This is not true.  Dogs howl as a pack-response to another ‘howl’.  This other ‘howl’ could be your finest singing, some music playing on the radio or even a police siren.  This pack instinct, to howl dates back to their wolf ancestors.  Wolves […]

What is the difference between a polar bear and a grizzly bear?


Polar bears are found above the Arctic Circle, that’s the North Pole.  They do not do nearly as well in warm climates, but prefer the ice and ice water.    They are exceptional swimmers and have been seen at sea more than 100 miles from shore, it is unknown if they got back to land ok […]

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