Are there any ghost stories associated with 149 College St (the Stewart Building) in Toronto, Canada?

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The Stewart building in Toronto Canada has had many tenants, from the police to the Ontario College of Art and Design.  While ghost stories can be difficult to verify, there have been alleged incidents at 149 College St (the Stewart building) which some attribute to ghosts.

One such story involves a group of students who attend the Ontario College of Art and Design.  These students were making a film of the history of the building itself.  If you remember I mentioned that the police once occupied the building, well it seems as though a prisoner committed suicide, although I am unable to verify this.  The students heard strange noises that seemed to come from the basement.  These noises could have been anything but they seem to have evolved into a ghost story, the prisoner who supposedly committed suicide being the ghost and cause of these noises.

Another student of the Ontario College of Art and Design, who worked security on weekends for extra cash, also claims the building is haunted, again the basement was considered the source.  This person who was doing their rounds in the basement claims to have felt a hand on his shoulder, of course no one was there.  This person also claims to have heard about a death in the building during its police station days.  They also mention that the building was once a fitness club and that a member drowned in the pool.  The plot thickens.

Another story comes after the Ontario College of Art and Design sold the building.  A new school was moving in and in preparation, some of the staff went in early to set up classrooms.  One of the staff members claims to have been on the third floor when they heard a buzzing, a static type of noise.  Evidently this old building was solidly built and generally silent and this buzz was quite loud, very uncharacteristic of the building.  The staff member could obviously do little about the noise since it went away after a few seconds and no one else heard it.   A meeting was held on the same day on the third floor, not about the ghosts but about some school related topic, these staff members heard a knocking at the door and went to answer it, as you can probably guess no one was there.

Whether these ghost stories are true, made up, or have a perfectly logical explanation is unknown, but it wouldn’t really be a ghost story if we knew all the answers now would it?

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