10 Facts About Dreams

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17 Responses to “10 Facts About Dreams”
  1. Harriet says:

    It’s the unconscious, not the subconscious.

  2. wondrinfree says:

    I am not sure about (6) us becoming paralysed whilst dreaming and (5) animals dream the same way we do can both be true. My dog would often dream about being chased and their legs would go hell for leather as she imagined running – so if it is true we are paralysed then animals don’t dream like us as they are certainly not paralysed when dreaming.

  3. Wachel says:

    deep sleep is not REM sleep #9…

    Slow-wave sleep, often referred to as deep sleep, consists of non-rapid eye movement sleep, according to the Rechtschaffen & Kales.

  4. Met says:

    Number 7 is not a fact. To say that something is a fact means that it is a definite reality–because you have absolutely no way of testing and confirming the given notion, it is not a fact.

  5. Tiphani Robinson says:

    Number 9 is basically saying Marijuana causes insanity since studies show that weed decreases R.E.M. sleep

    • Noona says:

      Well, decreasing R.E.M. is not deprivation. In order to achieve total deprivation, you must wake up completely the person.
      Otherwise, several other prescribed drugs would cause insanity (such as benzodiazepines, barbiturics and so on)

  6. Dan says:

    I’m dubious about the ‘secret language of dreams’ too, but the one about faces is just obvious garbage, how can anyone know what faces I see in my dreams? ANd considering the vague nature of remembering most dreams, how can anyone be sure about what faces they see in their own dreams?

  7. Karl Borneman says:

    I take issue with the notion that our dreams speak in a secret language. Based on what evidence? I can accept that our dreams are vague and hard to understand, but to ASSUME that there is even something there to decipher is speculative at best. There are too many possible explanations for what dreams are and why they exist. This idea picks one and assumes its true. That’s bad science, and bad logic.

  8. Toheeb says:

    If the blind do dream, then where do the faces that they see come from since they could not store any face in their conscious state.

    • umkay says:

      What an odd question.
      First, you beg the question of blind from birth.
      Second, “If” the blind dream? Do you have any reason to think they don’t?
      And lastly, what makes you think they see faces? Since anyone blind from birth’s experiences wouldn’t involve seeing any faces, why would they have them in dreams?

  9. Heather says:

    I never dream of a desert I haven’t had in a while.
    DESERT?! Gaaa.

  10. AKALucifer says:

    How can we know that all faces in dreams are ones we’ve seen before? I’ve seen this repeated in a couple of places and I’m highly suspicious of it.

    • NDJS says:

      I’ve seen it in several places too, but always took it at face value. But now I, too, must wonder.

    • lehsauce says:

      well humans are not really good at randomly making up things completely out of no where especially with the amount of detail that can be in dreams

  11. Great list! I’ve always been extremely interested in dreams, like most people. I’ve never been able to record them in a journal as soon as I wake up though, as it seems I only recall them very rarely!

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